January songs

1-protege moi- Placebo
2-if we’re in love- Roisin Murphy
3-I know- Placebo
4-Love punch-The chalets
5-Familiar feelings-Moloko
6-New slang-The shins
7-Fearless-The bravery
8-Retreat-The rakes
9-Feel the machine-The chalets
10-You made me forget my dreams-Belle&Sebastian
12-Legal Man-Belle&Sebastian
13-Special needs-Placebo
14-Please let me get what i want-The smiths
15-Open Book-The rakes
16-sow into you-Roisin Murphy
17-The bitter end-Placebo
18-Bittersweet symphony-The verve
19-Not my idea-Garbage
20-Maybe tomorrow-Stereophonics
21-All is full of love-Björk
22-Apple candy-Ben Lee
23-Black horse & a cherry tree-KT tunstall
24-Pagan Poetry-Björk
25-Wheel-John Mayer
26-New deep-John Mayer
27-Speed of sound-Coldplay
28-Sonnet- the verve
29-I know-Placebo
30-No room to blend-Ben Lee
31-Wicked game-Him

una per cada dia =) vist així, un mes no és tan llarg oi?


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